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professional drawings of house plans for renovations and custom builds

General Contractors Want Your Plans

General contractors are asking, will home renovations go down in 2024? This is a question that everyone has right now and it is just as frustrating for general contractors near you, as it is for homeowners (future or current).  A lot of this is explained industry-wide in a term called “price-per-square-foot”. This term, as you have probably discovered, is pretty ambiguous. To help take some of the confusion out of the process, 40×40 Construction aims to nail down what exactly “price-per-square-foot” means for you when building a custom home or undergoing renovations in the Chattanooga or Cleveland, Tennessee areas. First things first, you can’t build a strong house without a detailed plan. While ideas are great (we are fans of Pinterest and you can see our work there)…sorry for the shameless plug. A skilled general contractor needs you to have drawn up plans to look at.  In other words, without a plan, any number a general contractor gives you is a guess. Someone might give you a low estimate to get their foot in your door, but that’s how at the end of your project you might be left confused at what happened to your original quote and the dollars going with it. You might ask, why is so much information needed when we are just getting to know each other? Maybe you’re not even committed to signing a contract with 40×40 Construction? Well, price-per-square-foot will fluctuate WIDELY based on finishes in a home renovation or custom home project. Home Plans Help General Contractors When you have a ready plan drawn up and finishes decided, 40×40 Construction can breakdown item by item and calculate how much square footage of flooring, drywall, cabinets, countertops, etc. you have in your project.  Next, we look at historical costs. What does this mean? The market costs (inflation is something that plays a factor here); this is where many other general contractors might miss something, and what sets 40×40 Construction apart. We are as detailed as the plans allowed and it keeps the project under control. With any project there is a risk factor of unexpected expense, but again, our experience and expertise helps us to plan and budget for those possibilities. That’s why we are confident that when you book with 40×40 Construction, we will do a great job for your build, regardless of price fluctuations in the home renovation market in 2024.

A rooftop view of Chattanooga Tennessee.

Luxury Experiences That Will Keep You Sane Amidst Home Renovations

We love a beautiful custom home, with all the right details in place. Taking your well-loved or, let’s be honest, hated home, and turning it into a gallery-worthy estate, is one of life’s joys. Give me the new cabinets, warm woods and crisp tile and that fresh new paint smell….. But we also need to mention: One of the costs to build a custom home that often is forgotten are the lives of the people who live in the houses in Chattanooga.   Home remodeling contractors are in your space, and unless you want to hide in a basement, guesthouse or other location, you definitely feel the pressure that comes with your routine being thrown off, and the noises that come with it. (Nail guns are my least favorite).  Of course contractors for home renovations don’t mind you being in your home, but why not turn it into an opportunity to rest, explore and make home renovations…dare I say…pleasant? When other Chattanooga homebuilders say to stay, 40×40 Construction says take that vacay or stay-cay! We have compiled a list of our favorite luxury activities locally in Chattanooga and beyond to keep you and your family (fur-babies too!) sane during your homebuilding journey. Stay-Cation Here at home in Chattanooga, Tennessee we have, arguably, one of the most beautiful places to explore in our country. So you don’t have to travel far to find respite during your home remodel. We will list out some of our favorite lodging, food and drink, as well as other activities for a luxury experience that rivals a backpacking adventure through Europe. Lodging Listen, some things shouldn’t work together but they do. For example, hot chilies and chocolate… and Treetop Hideaways has managed to be the chili to the chocolate. Treetop Hideaways is a boutique and luxurious treehouse hotel nested in a forest on the side of Lookout Mountain. Next up is Gardens in The Gorge, Tennessee River Gorge. This is an award-winning property for a reason. This cottage in Tennessee makes you feel like you’re in a fairytale, with amazing views just a quick hop from town. The only thing you will need to bring is your prince charming because woodland creatures are probably included at this quaint spot. Not to be forgotten, and rich in history, is the Bluffview Inn in Bluff View Arts District. Travel back in time, but with all the modern conveniences of downtown fun at this bed and breakfast built in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.  For the Pets Home Renovations are not just stressful on people, but also pets! To make sure your animals are able to decompress from all the mess, we recommend Pet Paradise in Chattanooga. They have everything your pet needs to rest and take their mind off all the racket at home. There is a bone-shaped swimming pool, shaded areas to relax, and toys and jungle gyms to meet all of your furry friends’ needs. We especially like the webcam view so you can check-in on your pet! Other properties you should definitely try include: The Edwin The Mayor’s Mansion Inn The Read House Hotel Food and Drink We have some amazing food in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and these local spots will have you feeling like you’re miles away from your home renovation. For a quick bite, that is as nourishing as it is tasty we recommend Southern Squeeze. The food is organic, and heavy on plant-based goodness! We would be remiss to not mention Two Ten Jack. Located in the basement of Warehouse Row you will find impeccable vibes with ramen that is other-worldly.  If you’re looking for something as delicious as it is unique, we recommend Frazier Five and Dime. The food is lively and the restaurant is stunning, but be sure to make a reservation as this is a definite hotspot in town. Want to feel like you’re hundreds of miles away? Check out Calliope, a “Modern Levantine Restaurant and Bar”. This place is an award winner (Featured in Food & Wine) with options for what they call “The Sofra Dinner”, which is their personal version of a chef’s menu made just for you! 40×40 Construction is aware that home renovations can be taxing, but Chattanooga, Tennessee has many amazing options to help you escape the less pleasant parts of the process! We hope you will enjoy some of our recommendations and that you will enjoy a stay-cation at home in Chattanooga.

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